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By way of introduction MRC Concrete Works Inc. has been in the Winnipeg area for over 6 years having made the transition from Made Rite Construction where we now focus completely on concrete construction. We have been working with several large commercial builders doing commercial and industrial concrete projects.

Over the past 6 years we have completed hundreds of pour in place residential steps, driveways, approaches, garage pads and grade beams. We are extremely proud of our large colored step at the HSC Lottery home in Waverly West.

We have now expanded to include even larger commercial and industrial jobs where we are bidding on grade beams and flat concrete work up to 20,000 sq. ft. Some of our projects that we completed during the last 2 years include:

  • Grade beam for the new Fountain Tire on Brookside Blvd. (Weri)
  • Excavation for the additional grade beam and floor at Tool World at 171 Cole Ave (Pre Con Builders)
  • Rehab apartment basement floor for Tower Reality at 277 River Ave. (Pre Con Builders)
  • Excavation, grade beam, floor, and inbound/outbound scale approaches for Scale House at Brady Road Landfill recycling
  • Excavation, grade beam, and floor at Ride Time dealership at 87 Oak Point Highway (Pre Con Builders)
  • Excavation, grade beam, and floor at Money Mart at 87 Oak Point Highway (Pre Con Builders)
  • Basement floor rehab at the hospital addition at Notre Dame de Lourdes (Con Pro Industries Canada)
  • Grade beam at the SE Colligate expansion project (Con Pro Industries Canada)
  • Grade beam at Bethesda Regional Health Centre (Threeway Builders)
  • Grade beam at Transcona Community Centre pool maintenance building (J5 construction)
  • Grade beam at Oaktree Condominiums (Threeway Builders)
  • Sidewalk renovation at Good Will on Portage Ave. (Crane Steel Structures)
  • Excavation, grade beams , East St. Paul medical centre (Concord Projects)
  • Excavation ,grade beams, ¬†Maintenance and Storage buildings Manitoba Hyrdo Riel station ( Bockstael Construction )
  • Excavation, Grade Beams, and Slabs. Price Industries Ltd¬† (Ernst Hansch Construction)
  • Excavation , Grade Beams , and Slabs. Great West Life ,Bike Pavilion (West Land Construction Ltd)
  • Grade Beams (buildings E-F) . Waterford Green retail mall (Thomas Design Builders)
  • Excavation , Grade Beams . Indoor Beach Volley ball court, east st paul (Olympic Buildings)
  • Excavation, Grade Beams. Move Mobility.( Contempora Steel Builders Ltd)
  • Excavation , Grade Beams. Valard Construction shop & office (Kemway Builders Inc)

We would be very interested in providing sub-trade concrete work in the following areas:

  • ¬†Excavation and back fill
  • Grade beams and tall walls
  • ICF forms
  • Pouring steps and landings
  • Sidewalks, driveways and patios
  • Structural or suspended slabs up to 20,000 sq. ft.

We would look forward to the opportunity to supply construction quotes for your company on any concrete work that you have this season.

I am always available to answer any questions you may have and I look forward to working with you in the near future.



Curtis Fleming

MRC Concrete Works Inc.

(204) 470-3224

P.O. Box 3061

Stonewall, MB R0C 2Z0

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